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Protecting your family

How would your family be affected if you owned the wrong policy?

Protecting your future

Can you trust an insurance policy that wasn’t set up by a specialist?

Protecting yourself

How long could you last without a regular income?

Protecting your business

What would happen to your business if your insurance didn’t pay out?

Protect with a specialist

With over 200 policies in the market, do you know how to find the right policy?

RiskProtect was founded on the principle of delivering specialist insurance advice. We provide knowledge and technical expertise on over 200 policies in the market, structuring them effectively for you while guiding you through the process and most importantly being there for your family or business at claim time.

Personal Insurance

It is important to be comfortable and to understand your life insurance policies.

Business Insurance

Insurance policies to suit businesses from sole traders to large corporates.

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I don't have insurance. Which Insurance is Right for Me?

RiskProtect advisers can assist you with either a straight forward insurance policy or a more complex structure involving multiple parties.

A RiskProtect adviser will simplify the complex world of life insurance for you while giving you quality advice. Our biggest advantage is that we have worked on many claims with different companies, this experience ensures that we plan the insurance application knowing what will be looked for at claim time instead of trying to just complete the application as soon as possible.

Our aim when discussing insurance with you is to ensure you are comfortable with your policy and the premium you are paying for it and to also be there for you when you need it most!