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Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

How much does it cost?

The cost of insurance depends on the benefit amount you apply for, your age, health, occupation and options that you choose.

Are you the cheapest in the market?

We would never recommend a policy on price itself, however we have had people come to us and ask for the cheapest policy on the market for them. We can generally save people money on their premium, however it is important to ensure you have the right policy that will pay you when you need it otherwise insurance is just a waste of money.

How do I know which policy is right for me?

An insurance specialist that has access to a number of companies can help you. Different policies are suited to different people, some have better definitions for a specific occupation, a certain age group, medical history and even gender.

Should I buy insurance online?

That is ultimately your choice, we believe while it is easier to set up there is a chance that you may not have the right policy, you might not have disclosed everything and you have to deal with the insurance company itself at claim time without any assistance.