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Why Use a Specialist?

Peace of Mind

Simply if you have a policy that was organised from someone that wasn’t a specialist, you may find out when it is too late that you had an inappropriate policy or structure.

Who will be managing the claim if necessary? Do you know who to speak to?

Claims Handling Experience

We have worked on many claims and have excellent feedback on how we manage claims for our clients. This is where we believe we provide the greatest benefit to our clients.

We do not charge a fee or percentage at the time of claim, we sit down with your family and guide them through the process. We have clients that understand insurance, including some financial planners, the reason they come to us is that they know it often would not be them that needs to fill out the paperwork and go through the claims process but their loved ones.


Paying the price you are comfortable with for insurance is important, while we can generally save anyone money on their insurance, we would not recommend changing if the new policy would make it harder to claim on when you need it most.

If you have an existing policy, give RiskProtect a chance to see if we can save you money.