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Claims Handling

Making a Claim

Please contact our office as soon as you believe a claim may be necessary, even if you are unsure if you qualify. Discussing a claim with us will not affect your policy.

RiskProtect understands that when you make a claim you need help, and you require that your policy be actioned immediately. You are our priority when you need to make a claim. RiskProtect clients can rest assured that they will not be subject to any extra fees or charges when they make a claim. Unlike many advisors, we do not charge a percentage of the claim or an hourly rate. You have paid for your insurance, we have recommended the correct package for you and your business, now let us ensure that your policy works in the precise way it was intended, to help you in your time of need.

When submitting a claim, the following documents are generally required:

– Certified identification (we can organise a JP to sign it in our office)
– The original policy document
– Evidence for the claim – this may include specialist reports and a claim form
– A certified copy of a death certificate for death claims
– Any other evidence that may be necessary

The insurance company will then assess your claim and may request:

– A medical examination
– While on the claim to under go rehabilitation
– An interview
– Authorisation to check your Medicare records
– A check of your financial circumstance