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Established Families Without Insurance

How do you know if this page is for you?

  • Your children are in high school or have started working for themselves
  • You currently don’t have insurance or have some only in your employer’s superannuation plan.

Which policies should I be looking at?

Term Life Insurance

On death, your family maintains their standard of living with an benefit that pays off debts and education expenses, provides an income for a specified number of years and meets other necessary payments.

Trauma insurance

A critical illness is always hard to deal with, it is especially hard to plan ahead for. It can affect your whole family as a carer may be required as well as time off work for both parents.

Income protection

Losing an income in the family even for a short period of time can be devastating. Income Protection in most cases should be compulsory.

Total & Permanent Disablement

While income protection helps to maintain the majority of the family’s income, TPD can replace the remaining percentage and also assist with any debts that need to be paid or home modifications.

Child Cover

Most parents would admit that if their child was sick with a critical illness then it would affect their ability to earn an income. Child Cover assists by paying a lump sum benefit that will allow parents to take some time off or to be able to pay for the out of pocket medical care.