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Large Businesses Without Insurance

How do you know if this page is for you?

  • You are a director or a decision maker in a business.
  • You currently don’t have insurance or are unsure if you do.

Which policies should I be looking at?

Debt Protection

This form of policy allows your business to pay off debts if something were to happen to you. It becomes especially important when there are multiple business owners or if you want your business to continue. A bank or creditor could call on the loan if they feel the guarantees on the business aren’t sufficient.

Key Person Revenue

Many businesses rely on one or more key persons to drive the revenue of the business. The business could suffer a substantial loss if one of the key people were lost to the business. Insurance can help cover the loss and pay for recruitment and training.

Business Succession

What would happen if either yourself or one of your business partners were to either pass away, be disabled or even resign?

Setting an agreement in place that plans for these events is critical. There are many reasons why a business needs this form of agreement in place:

– You may be the only owner and want the business to be passed onto your staff or one of your children
– You have one or more business partners and would like your partners to retain ownership if something were to happen while providing your family with an accepted price for your shareholding.

Without this agreement, would the right person end up with control of the business? How would an agreed price be calculated?

Group insurance

We can organise plans for group insurance for any number of employees. Group insurance ensures that employees can have insurance at a lower premium and more importantly some employees that may have been unable to have insurance previously due to a medical condition can now be covered.

Companies can apply for group life insurance or group income protection policies. They can be specifically tailored for your business.