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Income Protection Insurance


To pay a monthly benefit to you replacing your income if you are unable to work due to disability, sickness or involuntary unemployment.

How Does It Work?

Everyone relies on some form of income, a loss of income could affect your ability to pay living expenses and set you back many years in financial planning for the future.

Income protection policies will pay a monthly benefit if you are unable to work, the benefit either pays a total benefit or part benefit. The benefit starts after the waiting period and the income benefit continues till you earning more than the benefit or the end of the benefit period.

How Do I Calculate How Much I need?

The majority of people when taking out an income protection policy choose to insure the maximum, which is 75% of their income.

Policy Definitions

There are many important definitions to consider with an income protection policy. Insurers vary with important definitions and there are many additional options to consider, ensure your policy is right for your occupation and stage in life.

Application Stage

The requirements vary with income protection, you can produce proof of income at the time of application and have a guaranteed policy or choose to provide proof at the time of claim.


An Income Protection claim can be quite difficult as you can claim for any illness or disability that prevents you from working. Long term claims can require monthly verification or in some cases be negotiated for a lump sum upfront.

Pay Attention To:

Total Disability definition
Waiting period
Benefit Period
Definitions of benefit
Agreed Vs Indemnity

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