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Life Insurance


To pay a lump sum benefit on the death of the person that is insured. It leaves family and other dependents with options and provides them with time to grieve instead of worrying about the financial consquences which if not planned for properly may require urgent attention.

How Does It Work?

Term life Insurance is fairly simple in that it is a lump sum payment from the insurance company on the death of the person that is insured.

How Do I Calculate How Much I need?

The amount you insure yourself for is generally determined by taking into account your financial dependents, your debts and what would happen to your estate on death. It can depend on your life stage or whether it is for a business purpose. Some personal calculations generally include covering debt, providing an extra income and funeral costs.

Policy Definitions

Not a great deal of difference between insurance policies, there are a few companies that offer extra options and price varies with each demographic.

Application Stage

A few companies are more favourable when applying for larger benefits as most companies would use a reinsurer for anything above $5,000,000 it will come down to knowing how each reinsurer will treat your application.


Most companies make it pretty simple when it comes to a claim on death, providing a death certificate, identification and policy documents is often enough.

Pay Attention To:

Expiry date
Definitions of benefit

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